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The Louis Comfort Tiffany Chronology

The Morse Museum’s Louis Comfort Tiffany Chronology has been an ongoing research project since 1999. Through it, we have sought to bring together the documented facts of his life from various sources that include books, articles, contemporaneous accounts and records, as well as our own archival material. The Chronology is intended to be authoritative. It is currently as thorough a chronological listing of the basic facts of Tiffany’s personal and professional development as we know exists.

The Museum has published this substantial document on our website for all who have an interest in Tiffany and his work. The Tiffany Chronology today spans from the birth of Tiffany’s grandfather in 1777 to the present day. Each entry has been assigned to one of three categories: Personal, Travel, and Professional.

The Chronology is a living document that is refined, and if necessary corrected, regularly as research unfolds. Scholarship on Tiffany has grown richer with each decade since the mid-20th century, and new information regarding the facts of Tiffany’s career and influence continues to be developed.

As an experiment in our quest to improve the basis of the study of Louis Comfort Tiffany, we invite those with a similar scholarly interest in the artist to submit additions, clarifications, or corrections to the information provided here. Should you want to offer input to the Chronology, click on the “Submit New” link and follow the prompts for registration. Submissions will be considered for inclusion in the Chronology, and proper credit for a new entry will be noted within that listing. At least one source must be cited for each submission. The information you provide when you register is confidential and will not be shared with others.

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Louis Comfort Tiffany and his wife, Mary, with their children Hilda, Charles, and May
  • Louis Comfort Tiffany and his wife, Mary, with their children Hilda, Charles, and May May, 1881
  • Photograph courtesy of Michael J. Burlingham.