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Lesson Plans

Lesson plans developed by the Morse Museum.

Iridescent Ink Stands

Elementary (K–5). Learn about iridescence and create a piece of iridescent art inspired by Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848–1933). Click image at left to see Tiffany ink stand.

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Everything's Coming Up Daffodils

Elementary (K–5). Learn about the parts of a plant and Tiffany’s Daffodil Terrace. Click left to see image of Tiffany’s daffodil column capital.

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Masking Tape Masterpieces

K–12. Use masking tape and sunlight to create a simple version of a plated, leaded-glass window.

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Practicing Color Schemes

Middle and High (6–12). Learn about color theory and five different color schemes by looking at objects from the Museum’s collection, and create a piece of art.

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Tangram Portraits

Elementary (K–5). Use the seven shapes of the tangram puzzle to make a unique self-portrait. 

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Tsuba: Louis Comfort Tiffany and the Art of Japan

Elementary and Middle (K–8). Use found objects and art supplies to design tsuba, metal sword guards used by samurai warriors. 

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Japanese Kamon

K–12. Learn about kamon, or Japanese family crests, and create kamon using symmetry, line, and monochromatic color.

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Watercolor Techniques Parts 1 and 2

Elementary (K–5). Practice five different watercolor techniques and then create your own “watercolor picnic.”

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Bold Blues and Whites

Elementary and Middle (3–8). Make a blue and white vessel using positive and negative space.

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Fidelia's Flowers

Elementary (K–5). Mix colors and media to create artwork in the style of
Fidelia Bridges.

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Bierstadt's Butterfly

Elementary (K–5). Examine painter Albert Bierstadt’s unique butterfly keepsakes.

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