The Charles Hosmer - Morse Museum of American Art

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Video and Audio

Includes videos and audio guides from the Morse website.



Legacy for the Community

A brief introduction to the Morse Museum's history and mission (13 minutes).


The Tiffany Chapel—A Masterpiece Rediscovered

A short documentary about the recovery and restoration of Louis Comfort Tiffany's 1893 chapel interior (11 minutes).


Tiffany Lamp Conservation

Learn more about the process of conserving a c. 1904 Tiffany Studios electrolier (4 minutes).


Earth into Art—The Flowering of American Art Pottery

A quick overview of the Museum's exhibition of art pottery (2 minutes).


Selected Portraits from the Morse Collection

A brief look at the Morse Museum's newest installation (1:30 minutes).


Making Collagraph Prints

A printmaking project from the Morse Museum (1:14 minutes).


Louis Comfort Tiffany and World's Fairs

Go on an online scavenger hunt through the website’s Collection Highlights, and learn about objects displayed by Tiffany and his studios at various world’s fairs (4:40 minutes).


Value, Plating, and Louis Comfort Tiffany

Learn about the elements of art, Tiffany glass, and the technique of “plating” used in leaded-glass windows (6:14 minutes).


Audio Guides

Museum Highlights Audio Tour

Learn more about selected objects from the Morse collection.


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