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Vignette: From the Morse Vaults—Recent Acquisitions

October 23, 2012 through January 06, 2013

In this vignette, we are pleased to present some recent gifts set out to suggest a visit to the Museum’s warehouse vault. The idea for the installation was prompted by two large gifts of Roseville Pottery made shortly after we curated our first-ever exhibit of Roseville in 2011 and also by the gift of The Wreck, the major painting by Lockwood de Forest that is now on view in Gallery IV. Thrilled to receive these objects, we decided to produce an exhibition of the painting and provide an informal public debut of the ceramics along with some other recent gifts in a companion vignette.

William King Rogers Jr. and Egan Atwood Stappe II gave the Museum almost a hundred Roseville pieces in the Magnolia pattern, and Howard E. and Marie R. Street donated nearly fifty Roseville examples in the Zephyr Lily pattern. To a selection of these, we have added recent gifts ranging from neon signs (represented by photographs) to late 19th-century blown glass and paintings. Together they illustrate the variety of wonderful objects that are new to the Morse collection.

Though dominated by the massive gift from Jeannette and Hugh McKean, the Morse collection has always been supported and enhanced by generous individuals whose contributions have helped it to grow in important ways. All of us at the Morse are grateful to those who allow us to be stewards of objects that have been significant in their lives and to make them available to our visitors for appreciation in the context of the entire Museum collection.

Morse Museum vignettes are created in the tradition established by the Museum’s founder, Jeannette Genius McKean (1909–89).

  • Vase
  • Vase, after 1946
  • Zephyr Lily pattern
  • Glazed clay
  • Roseville Pottery, Zanesville, Ohio, 1890–1954
  • Marks: Roseville / U.S.A. / 132 – 7"
  • Gift of Howard E. and Marie R. Street
  • (2012-013:13)
  • Cookie jar
  • Cookie jar, after 1943
  • Magnolia pattern
  • Glazed clay
  • Roseville Pottery, Zanesville, Ohio, 1890–1954
  • Marks: Roseville / U.S.A. / 2-8"
  • Gift of William King Rogers Jr. and Elgan Atwood Stappe II
  • (2012-002:027)