The Charles Hosmer - Morse Museum of American Art

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Scenes from America’s Past— The Sculpture of John Rogers

November 28, 2000 through May 13, 2001

This exhibition includes 31 John Rogers sculptures from the Morse’s permanent collection.

In his charming sculptures of daily life in the mid-19th century, Rogers (1829–1904) made one of the earliest efforts to fashion a distinct image of Americans for Americans. And in acquiring these sculptures in the tens of thousands, Americans demonstrated their broad approval of Rogers’ interpretation of their national personality and character. His scenes of Americana were among those from which later versions of archetypal Americans evolved.


  • Phrenology at the Fancy Ball
  • Phrenology at the Fancy Ball, 1886
  • Cast plaster
  • John Rogers, 1829–1904
  • (SC-152-90)